All year, Chevy Chase Prep offers school subject support, review, and accelerator programs tailored to the particular needs of individuals and small groups. At the primary and middle school levels (grades 5 to 8), our tutoring covers all subjects and integrated projects. We have especially deep expertise in writing and current math curricula. Also, we prepare students for successful transitions from public to independent schools by pairing course content tutoring with successful coaching for school entrance exams.

At the high school level, we specialize in:

  • English in and across the curriculum—especially in modes of academic writing—as well as in English language and literature
  • Mathematics from Pre-algebra and Algebra 1 through AP Calculus, and natural and physical sciences, including AP courses
  • History, human geography, psychology, and sociology, as well as college and university-level course support, as available

In addition, Chevy Chase Prep’s lead coaches are experienced distance educators. We will be pleased to facilitate distance learning for homeschoolers, online students, test takers, and lifelong learners.


Chevy Chase Prep’s lead language coach and pedagogically trained associates deliver support and instruction at all levels in several commonly spoken languages, including English/ESOL, Spanish, French, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Hindi-Urdu. Also, Chevy Chase Prep can arrange expert instruction in other languages to be used for academic, business, and personal purposes.


Chevy Chase Prep’s academic approach emphasizes positive student-coach interaction, systematic acquisition, and constructive correction, all of which contribute to achieving sustainable results and building twenty-first century skill sets. We keep current on Common Core, Eureka/EngageNY Math, AP, and IB Middle Years and Diploma programs, and on the curricula of many local schools.

Our references attest to our expertise, and to students’ improved confidence, performance in school, and scores on standardized tests.