Maggie Ronkin

Over three years with Maggie, our daughter has truly blossomed. Her teachers have appreciated her substantial progress in mathematics, reading, and integrated subjects. Maggie now is focused on improving writing, which our daughter’s DC public elementary school did not emphasize. Also, this past year, Maggie was instrumental in preparing our daughter for the ISEE and recommending independent schools. Thanks in large measure to Chevy Chase Prep, she is thriving at the school of our choice.

Mom of DC Rising Middle School Student

Chevy Chase Prep tutored my daughter in eighth grade for her HSPT. She absolutely loved her sessions with Maggie and Elaine. They expertly tailored support based on her needs, and kept me informed of progress throughout. My daughter enjoyed standardized exam coaching so much that she asked to add appointments to her schedule. Chevy Chase Prep is dedicated to preparing students for the next level, while providing a nurturing environment throughout the process. I highly recommend their services.

Mom of DC Rising High School Student

Maggie worked tirelessly with us to secure a competitive DC-area boarding school admission in short time for our inquisitive international high school student. From brainstorming and testing to exploring concrete options and preparing for a campus visit and interview, the entire process felt efficient and seamless. We are confident that our son will be well-prepared for U.S. college admissions, and we plan to return to Chevy Chase Prep to place our daughter in a DC-area boarding school in a few years.

Parents of International High School Student

While, as longtime neighbors, we knew that Chevy Chase Prep would be able to assist in several areas, our concern was with academic writing. Maggie skillfully coached our son on the verbal sections and persuasive essay of the ACT, as well as on expository writing for an accelerated English class. His improvement exceeded both immediate and long-term goals. We especially appreciated the fact that Maggie knew exactly what and how much support was right for our scholar-athlete, a rising high school junior.

Dad of DC Independent High School Student

Through a series of one-on-one meetings with Maggie, our daughter (who has special needs) crafted her Common App essay, researched and identified a set of colleges that are likely fits for her, and developed a solid plan for managing the demanding application process moving forward. I really don’t know how we could have done this without Maggie! Her patience, constant communication, thoughtfulness about my daughter’s interests and issues, and knowledge of the college application process are invaluable.

… Admissions called our daughter yesterday, letting her know that she’s “in.” She’s the first senior in her school to be accepted into college, and she’s very proud of this distinction! … All of your hard work with her over the past nine months certainly paid off; she’s really very happy, and so are we!

Mom of VA Independent High School Student

Over the summer, Maggie provided a wealth of current in-depth information to help my son clarify his interests and build his list of colleges. She advised him to superscore the SAT, and coached him on writing in a first-person narrative style to create engaging drafts of several application essays. When senior year started, he submitted some applications and also expanded his list of schools with more suggested matches. Not only was he admitted to his Ivy reach, but also multiple schools offered him merit aid.

Mom of MD High School Student

Maggie coached me on successful admission to U.S. graduate schools in education. She especially encouraged me to re-write a policy paper and to stress my relevant work experience in carefully crafted application essays. I was admitted to three highly competitive programs. With Maggie’s help, I also was selected to complete a Clinton Foundation Global Initiative internship before returning home to manage a right to education campaign and three major project strands in a higher education portfolio.
International Graduate Student

Elaine Cooperman

Because Elaine has tutored our sons for three years, we have viewed her as an essential component of math success in our home. On the demanding journey from Algebra 1 and 2 to AP Calculus, Elaine always has been patient and able to explain difficult concepts in ways that make perfect sense to our students, improving their grades almost immediately. Elaine’s guidance and insight have proven invaluable! I recommend her as a total gem of a higher math tutor.

Mom of MD High School Students

Elaine tutored my older son in math for three years, and for math sections of the SAT. MCPS had accelerated him without providing a solid foundation for success. Working with Elaine, he gained understanding and confidence, impressively improving to earn an A in Calculus and break 700 on SAT math. All I attribute to his dedicated effort coupled with Elaine’s skillful tutoring. I truly look forward to working with Elaine again when my younger son enters high school next year.

Mom of MD High School Student

In the past year, Elaine has greatly enhanced our daughter’s understanding of math concepts, her confidence and performance in school, and her overall outlook on life. Elaine’s style with high school students is simple and empowering. She promotes direct contact with students, helping them to build independence and accountability as math learners and young adults. She’s the very best; we’ve asked her to help us with SAT prep and to support our younger daughter with HSPT tutoring. too.

Mom of MD High School Student

Elaine was an amazing pre-calculus tutor for my daughter; they met regularly to clarify the material. Elaine let my daughter know that she’s good at math; she was calm, provided terrific examples, and improved learner confidence. Also, in the summer, Elaine tutored my daughter in math to superscore her SAT. After six weeks, without always completing practice test materials, we were thrilled to see a 70 point math score increase. I highly recommend Elaine for higher math and the SAT.

                                                                                                    Mom of MD High School Student

Patricia Balestra

I’ve engaged Patricia as a Spanish tutor for my children over seven years, and have referred her to countless friends. She’s nothing short of amazing and hands down the best language tutor in Washington, DC. Patricia is uniquely qualified because she is very familiar with the foreign language curricula at area schools, and she tailors her tutoring accordingly. She is thorough and patient, and definitely helped my children to achieve academically. I recommend Patricia enthusiastically.

Mom of DC Independent School Students

Patricia tutored both of our children–one in Spanish, and the other in French. Kind and encouraging, she tailored her approach and took the initiative to communicate with teachers. With teachers, she mapped out plans to hit benchmarks throughout the term. Also, she created worksheets, and was available to answer question via telephone as needed. She encouraged both children to explore studying abroad as a way to experience language outside of their traditional classrooms.

Mom of DC Independent School Students

Patricia has been enormously helpful in my re-learning, or brushing up on, French. She’s flexible in finding varied and level-appropriate materials that I respond to well. She’s an excellent judge of what they might be! We’ve enjoyed exercises as diverse as reading and conversing in French, listening to and transcribing French pop song lyrics, and watching French news shows. Not only is Patricia creative; she’s also exceedingly pleasant to work with. I enjoy my lessons a great deal.

Adult Student in DC

Simon Gigli

When our daughter decided to challenge herself in her junior year by taking an advanced level pre-calculus course, she struggled to maintain the stamina and focus needed to keep up with the rigorous work. Simon’s endless patience, enthusiasm, and humor, along with his insistence that she understand each problem before moving on to the next, contributed greatly to her confidence in her own abilities, and to her ultimate success in junior year math.

Mom of MD Independent School Student