Chevy Chase Prep’s four-year focus on college and university placements begins in 9th grade. We draw attention to course selections that go beyond fulfilling requirements to “fit” students’ abilities, talents, and emerging interests. Also, we work on maintaining and improving grades, preparing to take standardized tests, developing and demonstrating leadership skills in extracurricular activities and internships, and defining and attaining realistic goals. Students may need gentle reminders that U.S. colleges and universities select their students; things work the other way around only in the sense that we foresee many components of competitive admissions processes: high school courses and rigor of curricula, grades, SAT/ACT scores, references, and extracurricular activities/internships, along with personal essays, interviews, and any special “hooks.”


Chevy Chase Prep’s founder exudes pride in successfully placing hundreds of students, some of whom have earned highly competitive national and international scholarships. We custom design placement packages that may include identifying and researching college and university “fits,” fully completing applications to “reach,” “match,” and “safety” schools, applying for merit-based scholarships, grants, and internships, interviewing and touring, and carefully weighing options to make well-informed decisions.